Equal-Opportunity Smartass

21 November
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- Crazed runner
- Periodic swimmer
- Self-confessed dork
- Total smartass
- Book worm since birth
- Ridiculously big fan of the TV show Supernatural
- Have been told by multiple people I have mad decorating skillz
- Love gadgets but I never completely figure out the ones I have
- I like to think deep thoughts, philosophize about the meaning of life, then go watch American Idol
- I don’t have addictions or obsessions, I have passions
- I lie to myself sometimes
- I have been known to giggle hysterically over things I write and say
- I rescue bugs and lizards from my house and set them free outside
- I love being creative and using my brain, whether it's solving a problem at work, farting about in Photoshop, or writing crack

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